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Holla at the Ma La!

Holla at the Mala!

Although we’re no longer living in Sichuan we still crave the spice that is the namesake of this blog. So you can probably imagine our delight at the fact that its has recently been featured in the Huffington Post! If only Bangkok had a good chuancai restaurant to hit up for dinner tonight…I miss theĀ ma la!

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Sichuan Dishes – Jia Chang Dou Fu (Homestyle Tofu)

It stopped raining here. I didn’t stop reading. I’ve spent the majority of my third day of summer engrossed in Mexican historical fiction/magic surrealism/one of the many things I inherited when many of my friends left Chengdu/aka perfect book to start the summer, Luis Alberto Urrea’s Humingbird’s Daughter. It’s good, read it. Yesterday I made … Continue reading