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Holla at the Ma La!

Holla at the Mala!

Although we’re no longer living in Sichuan we still crave the spice that is the namesake of this blog. So you can probably imagine our delight at the fact that its has recently been featured in the Huffington Post! If only Bangkok had a good chuancai restaurant to hit up for dinner tonight…I miss the ma la!

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Dear Mr. Sedaris, It’s Chicken Feet. Get it Straight.

David Sedaris, author, essayist, humorist and satirist extraordinaire used to be cool in my books. I enjoy listening to him on “This American Life” and often found myself doubled over in laughter during his bits, I enjoyed his book Me Talk Pretty One Day, I even enjoyed listening to him speak as an pre-cursor to Chengdu’s International Bookworm Literary … Continue reading