A Day At The Races

In an attempt to get to know Bangkok better, Ashley and I have been exploring some of the city’s lesser known attractions. Anyone with a guidebook knows about the different muay-thai fights held nightly in Thailand. Don’t get me wrong, these Chiang and Singha sponsored fights make for an entertaining nights when you have guests … Continue reading

Ashley / Bangkok

Where to Take Your Parents When They Visit You in Bangkok: the Jordan edition

I must admit, I actually googled “Where-to-take-your-parents-when-they-visit-you-in-Bangkok.” Mostly because I like ridiculous google searches but also because I did not feel completely confident, despite being here for 8 whole months, in my knowledge of my new hometown. Sadly that search came up mostly with results of what to do with a new baby in tow … Continue reading

5 Photos of the Week / Bangkok / Phil

5 Photos of the week

This week’s 5 photos are from the two open-air markets I recently discovered and one throwback from Jakarta. I stumbled across both the open-air markets during my daily scooter excursions into the surrounding neighborhoods. Having none of the essential vocabulary to buy from the markets (for example, how to say the different produce, numbers, how … Continue reading

Ashley / Bangkok / Holidays and Celebrations

A Sense of Community in My Corner of Bangkok

Last Sunday our housing community of Samakee Gardens up here in Nichada Thani hosted a potluck Canadian/American Thanksgiving dinner. In these stressful times of flooding here in Bangkok holing up in my apartment, cooking all weekend and reflecting on my own blessings in my life were exactly what I needed. My teammate, Nicky, getting ready … Continue reading