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Hungry in Chatuchak? Search for the Green Chili.

When most people think of Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market they associate it haggling over fisherman’s pants, buying singlets of their favorite Thai beers or a place to find novelty  Christmas presents for friends back home. But sandwiched between the massage stalls and Chinese antiques stores you can find a surprising amount of food available. Now, this shouldn’t be too surprising given the endless supply of street food across Thailand. Ashley and I recently trekked up to Chatuchak not to shop but to eat at our favorite stall in the whole market – The Green Chili.

The Green Chili is tucked in the southwestern most tip of Chatuchak mall. Take a right out of Kamphaeng MRT station exit number two and work your way down the small alley. Eventually you will hit a T in the road. On your right should be an old man vigorous pulping fresh orange juice and a line of people drinking the fruits of his labor. That stall is Luksom and to his side along the fence is the Green Chili.


The Green Chili is only open for lunch on the weekends so you’ll need to time your meal according. The menu is of the “point and order from a glass case” variety but the food is delicious and the staff is always smiling (this is Thailand after all.).


Ashley and I have made a couple of pilgrimages to the Green Chili and we have not been disappointed once. Ashley’s favorite dish is the Kanom Jeem Nam Prik, a flavorful but not overwhelmingly spice curry noodle dish. Personally I go for the spicy crab or the prawns. The crab can get a little spicy (according to Ashley), so buyer beware. Our first visit there we were lucky enough to meet “chef Ann” and she recommended her pork curry and a garlic broccoli dish.

Chatuchak's Hidden Food Stalls-0152 Chatuchak's Hidden Food Stalls-0151

The Green Chili is a great place to catch a break during your day of shopping. The stall is hidden from the masses which will give you a moments peace and the food is delicious making it worth a stop even if you are not that hungry. You’ll quickly realize that they take pride in their cooking, and the little details fill the corner shop with soul; from the coconut shells that double as glassware, to the organic Gaba rice that you can buy from the shop, to the homemade pickles made earlier in the week that accompany the kanom jeem.

Oh, and while you’re there, buy a 15 baht OJ from Luksom. (I owe him a plug after all the pictures I took of his stall.)


You can find more of our pictures of Chatuchak and the Green Chili by going to my Flickr page and viewing the Chatuchak Market, Bangkok set.


3 thoughts on “Hungry in Chatuchak? Search for the Green Chili.

  1. Hi – my son is visiting us for Christmas and has been tasked to take some dried spices back to the UK for a friend there. Would you two happen to have any idea which section of Chatachuk we should head to for those?

    • Hi Val,
      Chatuchak is great for eating at but there are not a lot of places to buy dried spices. I recommend your son take the BTS one stop down from Mo Chit to Saphan Khwai where there is a Big C. Big C is a local grocery chain that will have a wide range of prepackaged dried spices. If Big C doesn’t have what you need your son can go to Villa Market under the Ari BTS. Villas are one of the more expensive grocery stores in Bangkok because they cater to local expats but they might have what you’re looking for.
      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks Phil! – my son suggested Big C, but I thought I’d only seen imported-style jars of spices there…looks like I will have to look a bit closer! Appreciate your speedy response. 🙂

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