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Happy (Belated) Fourth!

Camping on Ocracoke Island, NC

It is a rare gift to be celebrating our homeland’s independence in our actual homeland. Living abroad we usually try extra hard to be patriotic, in fact, Phil figured out that this was his first time being in the USA for the Fourth of July since 2006. We spent this holiday weekend in North Carolina, exploring vinegar-based barbeque, taking ferries to and from the Outer banks, body surfing in riptides, eating our way through small town celebrations and being engaged!

Phil popped the question under a full moon on a deserted beach in Ocracoke Island in the company of hundreds of sand crabs. Here are some pictures from our fourth.

Lighthouse in Cape Hatteras, NC

Pelican Watching on the Ocracoke Ferry, NC

Sunrise on Ocracoke Island, NC

Malawithafork (and ring!) at Fourth of July in Southport, NC


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