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5 photos of the week – Food in Taiwan

Eating in Taiwan is a challenge. Not because of lack of options but rather because there are so many. The food is so good that I can no limit myself to five photos so I am throwing in a couple extras for free.

WARNING: Do not view the following photos if you are hungry or might become hungry any time soon.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup: This deliciously simple dish is a source of national pride. There are yearly competitions to determine the best bowl of Taiwanese beef noodle soup which are taken very seriously.

Shaved Ice: I know you can find shaved ice everywhere but the layers of fruit that they add in Taiwan make it delicious.

Seafood: Being an island has its advantages. The seafood is amazingly fresh everywhere on the island but it cannot get any fresher, or more delicious, than if you go to any of the fishing ports, buy directly from the boats and then cook it over a camping fire.

Southern Taiwan noodle dish: I unfortunately have forgotten the name of this bowl of noodle but what’s not to like about a bowl of noodles with shrimp, a tea egg, some ground pork all in a delicious soup?

Din Tai Fung: This is a Taiwanese institution that cannot be missed. Period. The content of their soup dumplings is so delicious they give you instructions so you do not waste a single drop.

China’s best: In addition to the national treasures preserved in the National Palace Museum, the KMT also made sure to save the other national treasure – delicious regional Chinese food.

Taiwan Beer: So good they named the country after it. It’s delicious (for a lager).


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