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5 Photos of the Week – More Noodles

Sorry! I know this post is late. I was in Cambodia for a couple of days and thought I had set WordPress to auto publish this post on Monday. Obviously that did not work.  So better late than never here are the 5 photos for the week: noodles and lots of them.  Khao soi – a Changmai specialty made of crispy noodles, fresh noodles, curry with options shallots and pickled vegetables.

Barbequed pork and pork balls over bamee noodles (egg and wheat flour) in a pork broth.

Thick noodles, or guay jab, with a delicious combination of crispy pork and various organs in a beef broth. I have no idea why but this is a fantastic breakfast.

Crispy pork, vegetables and a spoonful of dried chilies over sen lek noodles.

Pad Thai. Need I say more.


2 thoughts on “5 Photos of the Week – More Noodles

  1. The blue bowl of noodles is gorgeous, its like a magazine photo, seriously. Additionally you’ve just made me very, very hungry. And you’ve made me miss Thailand. And you guys of course. Le sigh.

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