5 Photos of the Week / Bangkok restaurants

5 photos of the week

In the latest edition of “Hong Kong comes to Bangkok” (we have had three friends from Hong Kong in town in as many weeks) we were graced with the presence of Hana and her mother Rosanne. Hana was in town researching and sampling the best Bangkok has to offer for an upcoming article in HK Magazine. One of the restaurants on her list was David Thompson’s nahm, which Hana was friendly enough to invite Ashley and myself to tag along.

Nahm had been our list of restaurants to try for sometime (our previous reservation was aborted on account of Bangkok’s epically bad traffic). Several of our friends had already dined at nahm and most gave positive reviews. In fact, the only repeat complaint was, as you can probably guess, David Thompson is not originally from Thailand. This seemed like a pretty weak argument in our opinions, one that we were very willing to eat out way through.

Our verdict: nahm’s food is fantastic.

I would try to list all names of all the dishes we had that night but there were simply too many. There were several courses during the meal, one delicious wave after another. From street-cart inspired muscle satay to massaman curry, soft shell crab and a mind blowing barbequed squid and pork salad. In our opinion nahm was absolutely amazing and worth a repeat visit.


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