5 Photos of the Week / Bangkok / Phil

5 Photos of the week

This week’s 5 photos are from the two open-air markets I recently discovered and one throwback from Jakarta. I stumbled across both the open-air markets during my daily scooter excursions into the surrounding neighborhoods. Having none of the essential vocabulary to buy from the markets (for example, how to say the different produce, numbers, how to say “too much,” general conversation) the whole experience was a bit challenging, but the stall owners were friendly and patient while I stumble through words, correcting my broken Thai with smiles and well meaning laughs.

The range of produce at the two markets is impressive. Apart from all the fresh produce you would expect to find in a Southeast Asian market (chillies, vegetables fruit, fish, etc.) there were some uniquely Thai offerings. My favorite was the 30 Baht, 1 USD, bag of live clams and basil for steaming (top that US dollar meal menu!). There were rows of chillies, vendors selling green, yellow and red curry pastes, stalls cooking up grilled fish, pork, chicken and bananas.
One thing Bangkok, and Southeast Asia as a whole, has going for it is the fresh markets. People are friendly and are willing to talk with you. In return they sometimes ask for you to take their photograph. But the food is fresh and usually there are bargains to be had. Now I just need to get my food Thai up to par and I’ll be set.


Dollar value meal - fresh clams and basil for 30 Baht

The curry paste stall owner who insisted on having her photo taken

Chillies on display

Jakarta flashback from Spring Festival 2009


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