5 Photos of the Week / Phil

Introducing: 5 Photos of the Week

During our time in the States several people commented on the lack of activity on mala with a fork since my arrival to Bangkok. First off, we were both surprised about how many people actively follow our blog, so thanks for the feedback! Second, we know we slacked off recently and we both have New Years resolutions to get back to writing starting with my series, “5 Photos of the Week.” Every Monday I am going to post 5 of our photos that are interesting but have not yet made it on our blog. The photos will always be photos that Ashley and I take but will not necessarily contain a theme. We hope that posting these at the beginning of the week will also help to make your Monday morning a little more manageable.

1. Benusas walking across Fishtrap Lake to combat cabin fever and attempting to burn off all the Christmas grazing.
2. Sullivan Street Bakery – One of the stops on Ashley’s New York scavenger hunt. The pastries and bread were fantastic even if someone thought the croissants needed “extra butter.”
3. Ashley scowling at West Point in a way that only Ashley can.
4. ISB Elementary School’s ES Christmas performance.
5. Hotpot during our 24 hours in Chongqing with Cassandra and Taylor.


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