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Some Loving From the ‘Du

I didn’t expect to be in Chengdu in November, but it was so wonderful to be in chilly weather, visit friends over steamy (in a good way) hot pot, speak bad Chinese, bake without sweating and wear jeans for a couple of weeks.

Phil is on his way out of Chengdu in under a month now and things are starting to get a little bittersweet. Here are some snap shots of people/things that I am thankful for in the ‘Du.

Ivy and a menu…gosh I miss her, and the food she orders.

Tailors who praise your terrible Chinese, make clothes that fit hips and the good friends at HotPotDC who patiently come and translate for you
(hint, she and her bundle of joy are seen taking the picture in the mirror)

The panda hash

The tree-lined quiet (for China) streets of Tongzilin

Our dear friend, bar owner and happy recipient of my cd collection, Lao Li (or as we call him, Buddha)

Picking out the dou pi from the bo bo ji on Kehua Beilu

Our blurry fresh ginger friends, carrying on the crazy torch at jumbo hot pot on yulin zhonglu

Kaoyu and the man behind the food

The kaoyu really brings us back to full circle on our time together in Chengdu. Phil and I often waxed nostalgically on this trip, talking a lot about how Chengdu has changed, what we think it will be like in the future and whether we would ever come back to Sichuan. We both agreed, we’ll be back at some point.


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