Ashley / Thailand

Escape from Bangkok – Ko Samet

It seems from my post here and here that I’ve been escaping from Bangkok more than I’ve actually been living in it. I don’t have anything against Bangkok as a city but I am resolved to keep as busy as possible until a certain someone moves here in December. That, and the city could possibly be underwater by this time next week.

A weekend at the beach seems a good method for distraction.

Three wonderful ladies and I hopped in a hired cab and armed with the game catchphrase and the ability to ignore the absolute recklessness of our driver, we made the 2 1/2 hour journey south east to Ko Samet. Located in the province of Rayong, one of the few not currently affected by flooding, the island is located in the Gulf of Thailand and serves as a reasonable priced weekend trip at a reasonable distance from Bangkok.

Once the taxi dropped us off at the pier in Ban Phe, which only seems to exist for its docks. We kissed the ground in thankfulness that our taxi driver didn’t kill us and then bunkered down to negotiate a speed taxi to take us to our hotel, tubtim’s. The boat ride was about 20 minutes long and we were on the beach having this just after sunset.

Ko Samet is technically another one of Thailand’s many national parks (I seem to be doing a tour of them right now). The next day I found myself engaging in “operation vegetable,” which is very un-national park activity, for a good 10 hours. I read this and this, napped and consumed as many fresh fruit shakes as possible. I also managed to sear my “hasn’t seen the light of day since that trip to South Africa in December” body…aloe vera moisturizer is my friend right now.

The trick to Samet, we quickly learned, is if you pick a resort or hotel without a pool, you will have few to no children running around your beach. Tubtim’s did not have a pool. It was located on a quiet cove far from the parties and discotheque but not so far that we were discouraged from exploring. Buckets of mojitos were had, cards were played, fire shows were watched, giggles were a plenty, seafood was consumed and I returned to Bangkok Sunday evening a refreshed and relaxed member of a pretty excellent girls’ weekend away.

Ko Samet, I will definitely be back!


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