Ashley / Bangkok

Bangkok Update

It’s been a whirlwind setting up house, a pantry, a classroom, knowledge of the local food scene, Thai lessons, a social life, weekends away and quiet time for myself. I can’t believe that I’m already on week four in Bangkok. Here are some pictures since my last update:

Shopping for Furniture at Chatachuk Weekend Market

Food out the back gate at Sudothai. From left to right, shrimp papaya salad (som tam kung), green curry chicken, spicy minced pork (larb moo).

A ferry ride into town on the Chao Praya River, 15 baht (0.50 USD) and 1 hour and your in downtown Bangkok!

Latest food discovery: stir-fried punkgals (what I think is mashed tuber like turnip or lotus root) with vegetables and egg at the ferry pier near the Grand Palace

First sundowner in Bangkok, overlooking Wat Arun from the bar Ambrosa

I’ve also recently discovered this fantastic blog (caution – do not read while hungry): Eating Thai Food.


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