Ashley / Bangkok

Bangkok Beginnings

I’ve made it to Bangkok, after two flights and a lot of luggage hauling and have been setting up shop for the last two days. For those who didn’t believe me, here’s a picture proving cellos do fly.

I am getting settled into a new apartment (as I speak my new Mae Bahn, which is maid in Thai, is doing my laundry and four electricians/cable guys are running around my living room). Minus a couple odds and ends (wireless internet, kitchen towels…), I’m just about ready to start thinking about my classroom. It’s amazing how easy it is to get things done here! The gated community that I’m living in, Nichada Thani, is pretty beautiful; today was a blue sky day which makes it even nicer. Here are a couple of pictures from around the compound:

Today the school bused us to a local nursery, the Thai Army Nursery on Cheng Wattana to pick up foliage for our balconies. I didn’t go all out but I was able to pick up some lemongrass, Thai basil, lemons and three types of chili peppers! What do you mean not all plants are for eating?

An even bigger score of the day is I finally visited the little food stall near the back gate of our complex. Delicious Thai food 10m from my house, it might be harder to work off the Sichuan food than I thought.


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