Ashley / Chengdu

We’re Moving!

National Palace, Bangkok, Thailand, 2006

Big news! For the next five months malawithafork will bring you a hybrid of observations from two cities in Asia. Chengdu, China and….Bangkok, Thailand! We’ve been waiting for a while to tell you and the stars have aligned and we’re ready to come clean!

On August 1st, ironically one day beyond my one year anniversary living in China, I am moving to Thailand. I have accepted a two-year contract at an international school in Bangkok, Thailand and am looking forward to exploring a new culture, new city, new language, and most importantly, a new food culture. Of course, I’ll be sharing my findings with you.

Phil is planning to hang out in Chengdu for a while and will continue to impart his latest China observations and some wrap-up reflections during his final half year in Chengdu. So if you check in on us for info on China you have at least a couple more posts before we leave the mainland.

We’ve been thinking about how this will change the face of our blog. Tom yum with chopsticks? Yuexiang lap? How about Sichuan peppercorns and kaffir lime bitters (as seen in the Alchemist bar in Sinan Mansions in Shanghai)?

Nothing really captures the limbo we currently find ourselves in and we like the idea of mala with a fork, its how we got started, its become part of who we are.

Mala: we still travel with our stomach, we still make our own food and like to explore that of others.

And, as I said at the start of this journey…fork:

“While we’re adept with chopsticks and find ourselves going for days without touching a Western utensil we acknowledge that they were not our first tool for devouring in our personal development as eaters. As much as we try to understand and assimilate into any local culture that we may find ourselves in, we still look through it with the lens of a foreigner. So while we can take the spice, we sometimes still need our fork.”

Luckily in Thailand they generally use a fork and a spoon to eat, so maybe we are putting a bit of hybrid into our name after all. So we officially present you with “malawithafork, Thailand edition.” When we’re both finally in the same country – that is.


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