Ashley / Chengdu

School’s Out!

One word: woooohooooo!

This might have been the longest school year of my not-so-long career. But lessons were learned, new friendships were formed and kids made a little music. Check. I can now say though that it is summer time and I’m spending the next 41 days in China hanging out and unpacking the natural stress that occurs throughout the school year. Hey, there’s a reason teachers get the summer off.

You, dear reader, get to follow me on my Chengdu adventures including eating at local haunts, shopping at my favorite slippery wet market, working on my downward dog and finding the confidence to ride a push bike in a major Chinese city. Exciting stuff, I know.

So to kick off my summer, here are a couple of pictures around town from the last week. Thank you glowing rectangle.

Our primary school secretary (and foreign teacher angel), Vera, and I at the bus stop one last time.

The Hunan restaurant on Ziwei Dong Lu that we had a hash dinner at last week.

China has figured out how to grow bags on trees! Or that peaches need blankets at night. They were stapled on to the branches outside of Chengdu in a village called Longquan. 

Lunch with Phil at our favorite noodle place on Kehua Zhong Lu.


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