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Glowing Rectangles

Ashley and I finally sold out and both own an iPhone 4. Yes, we know the iPhone 5 is “just” around the corner, but we decided the new features can not be worth waiting until sometime 2012. Apart from being a fantastic obstacle to productivity, I have found carrying a camera with me everywhere is allowing me to capture more of the daily scenes I otherwise do not document.

The first couple of photos are from a recently vacated wholesale food market close to my office. Since moving to Chengdu two years ago, this market, located alongside Second Ring Road close to Ke Hua Zhong Lu, was always a hive of trade with trucks bulging with chilies, Sichuan pepper corns and just about any food that could be sold whole sale. I would walk along the perimeter to help digest that day’s lunch time feast watching their comings and goings. Then one day brick walls went up blocking at all entrances and beyond those were shuttered stores and empty stalls.  The whole sale market had succumbed to development fever the government posted their grand plans for this prime piece of real estate. That is all good and well, but I wonder what happened to people who made their living here.

The second batch of iPhone photos are brought to you from a recent find. Sichuan food is fantastic but every once and a while you need a break, and yes, different Chinese cuisines count. Ashley and I dined at a new  Dongbei restaurant (near the site of the former market) which was pretty outstanding in our opinions. For those unfamiliar with Chinese dongbei refers to the northeastern part of China. The staple of dongbei cuisine is dumplings but there are lots of dishes worth trying as well.

Anyway, I think having access to a camera makes buying the iPhone worthwhile (even with all the distractions). The picture quality is not as high as my Canon 7D but it will help show you all the trouble we get ourselves into.


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