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A vocabulary lesson and a foot massage

A good friend from Hong Kong came to visit us in Chengdu this weekend and after a quick shopping trip on Jinli street and a some tasty yak at “Are Tibetan” restaurant we took him to the next finest experience Chengdu had to offer – a foot massage at “Teahouse Massage” (formally and much more entertainingly named “Teahouse Takes a Bath”).

This good friend sherpa-ed Phil an iPhone and proceeded to use it through the duration of his massage. This made the usual banter with the feisty Sichuan massuses even more enlightening than normal. We learned the following words that might come in handy the next time you find yourself charming a sichuanese foot massage lady:

Ticklish – 痒 (yang3)
Foul mouth – 骂 人 (ma4ren2)
Bear – 熊 (xiong1)
Battery- 电池 (dian4chi2)
Magic – 幻术 (huan4shu)
Medicine- 药 (yao4)
Flexible – 通 (tong1)
Snore – 鼾 (han1)


Overall it was an 88 rmb well spent for 110 minutes of our Sichuan friends calling us fat, big, handsome and telling us to stop laughing and talking during our massage.

“Teahouse Massage” is located on Tongzilin Donglu across from the “Chinese Dumpling” shop (sounds absurd but that’s what it’s called) and between the two China Gardens entrances on that street.


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