Ashley / Chengdu

All Quiet on the Western Front

We’ve been quiet here at malawithafork. We know. We’re sorry. It’s not that we’re hiding, or boring, we’re just busy.

Here’s a little update:

  • We’ve had so many friends come to visit Chengdu and leave it for good to the point that we can’t remember who actually lives here anymore.
  • My string playing kiddos played a concert at an elderly home in Western Chengdu last week. The trip was fantastic community service but also a great insight into geriatric care in a country where daughter/son usually take care of Mom and Dad, and how that’s changing in China.
  • We had a great time visiting with fellow hashers from Suzhou who came for a hash away two weekends ago.
  • I’ll spare you the gory details, but I’ve been dealing with an intestinal parasite. One of the side affects of this affliction is it zaps all energy to write blog posts. Such is life living in a country with developing hygiene.
  • I iPhone-d myself, well Phil did for my birthday, but with it I take retro/hipster photos of our neighborhood such as this:
and this…
We promise we’ll be more frequent as we begin to wrap up the school year. As the weather is warming up here’s hoping our motivation to write blog posts will too! 

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