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A Weekend of Rugby and Civilization

I might exaggerate by calling a weekend trip to Hong Kong a pilgrimage to civilization, but man, three months in China feels like sixth months in real person work time.

Phil and I dashed out of the mainland for 72 hours of rugby, quality time with our Hong Kong family and ridiculousness. It was glorious. We really needed it.

Rugby Sevens is a seven-on-seven game of rugby with two seven minute halves. The game was created by two butchers in Scotland in the late 1800’s to ease the financial and time burdens of running a full game of rugby and to combine it with other popular Scottish sports such as sprinting and drop-kicking (for more Rugby history read on here). Rugby Sevens will also soon be an Olympic sport making its first appearance in the 2016 Olympics.

The Hong Kong Sevens is one of eight events as part of the IRB Sevens World Series. The game is much faster paced and higher scoring then 15 person rugby and its pretty much the only kind of rugby that I can pay attention to.

I’m not sure what the other Sevens around the world are like but the Hong Kong Sevens are notorious for Hong Kong’s finest of the business world dressing up in absurd costumes (the popular one of the year was cross-dressing as Natalie Portman in “Black Swan“), rooting for your home country’s team (being American can be rough in a British dominated place like Hong Kong), and watching some great sport, whether or not your understand all the rules.

Highlights of the tournament include the Japanese team/fans who were out in force and the support they got from the stadium as a whole, bantering the China team in Chinese, teasing the old British, Aussie and Welsh men who were sitting behind us on Sunday with hash songs and the final game between New Zealand and England (the kiwis won and even did the Hakka).

This was Phil’s ninth Sevens. He’s a seasoned veteran. It’s my third and Werner’s first, we let him take the lead. As an homage to Chengdu, we went as pandas (complete with panda claw beer cozies).


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