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Running Among the Faux-Blossoms

Did you know….

1. Peaches originated in China.

2. The scientific name for peach, perscia, comes from the common misconception that peaches originated in Iran. But, in fact, they were brought to the Mediterranean a la the Silk Road.

3. The blossoms of a peach tree appear before the leaves.

4. In China peaches symbolize immortality and makes important guest appearances in many Chinese folk tales such as the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

5. If the peach blossoms don’t flower at the auspicious time, fake glued on flowers will do the trick.

I didn’t know all of this until I did what any respectable person with a questions does… I wikipedia-ed it. Well, except for the fifth one. That, I experienced.

The Chengdu Panda Hash ran this weekend in Long Quan as part of a sponsored run by a local Chengdu magazine as part of a local peach blossom festival each spring. It was cold. It was grey. There was nothing to celebrate except the fact that we’re crazy expats running around trails with no blossoms.

Long Quan is 45 minutes outside of Chengdu and boasts the privilege of being one of “10 picturesque peach flower spots in China” (my sources get dodgier the longer I live in China).  The (acclaimed) 17 million honey peach trees that contribute to the town’s massive fruit output were a bit shy for our celebration though. Here’s what the real thing looks like (more pictures from the run here):

Image source here.

Here’s what we ran by:

And when nature doesn’t cooperate – fake it! Someone actually glued hundreds of fake flowers onto tree branches, dug holes and “planted” them around the trails. Here’s a snapshot of the blossom stand-ins…

As they say in the hash…on! On!


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