Ashley / Chengdu

Just Another Day At the Office

Today I accompanied our Senior Kindergarten and Grade One students to go strawberry picking at a nearby strawberry farm five minutes from our school. Strawberries in Chinese are 草莓 or cǎoméi which translates directly as grass berry.
The students have been studying insects, plants and the environment so this trip was an entry point for their study. They were excited to see bees pollinate flowers and discover that you have to pull fruit off plant from the stem. The great thing about the trip, other than the sheer excitement of the kids to actually pick the strawberries was that it got us out of our expatriate bubble and into our surrounding community of Da’an Vlllage, Shuangliu Township.
The local Chengdu-ren loved our kids and were tickled that 17 little ones popped off of a bus and descended like locust picking the strawberry fields clean. The farmers squatted side by side with our students pointing out a hidden juicy piece of fruit. Our Chinese speaking students were proud to help us translate while our international kids got their toes wet in some more local cross-cultural communication. Highlight of the trip? Helping a little American girl negotiate a squatty potty.

Think Phil will be ok with having strawberries for dinner?

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