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Why We Run With the Hash

Because every now and then, you get a beautiful run in the Sichuan countryside!

This afternoon we joined the Chengdu Panda Hash on their bi-monthly run in the Chengdu countryside. We had a overflowing bus of local and expat runners, a bit of a warmer temperature and a valley full of rapeseed flowers in full bloom. We ran about 45 minutes outside of the city in a township called Shuangliu. It was quite a picturesque run!

For those of you who don’t know rapeseed oil is also known as canola oil and is used for animal feed, vegetable oil and biodiesel production. With Northern China suffering a severe drought in the wheat belt its good see that not everywhere is suffering so drastically (and that the fears of wheat crisis are lessening). We’re not sure what exactly the villagers of Shuangliu are using their crops for, but we are sure that they’re crop is plentiful!

My red-headed model in the first and third picture is my friend and fellow Conneticutian, Clara. We like her, she makes us smile.  She also keeps a blog that we enjoy called “Fresh Ginger,” check it out here.


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