Ashley / China in the media

China Takes On the Colbert Report

Well, not China as a whole. But Evan Osnos of the New Yorker takes Stephen Colbert to task and fares pretty well. I frequently engage in Osnos’ blog “Letters from China” and was interested to see him straddle the fine line between “rooting” for China and translating China for an anxious American audience (and host). A sentiment that felt vaguely familiar when Hu visited America.

My favorite part of the interview…

Colbert: “So, China, land of opportunity?…Should we be sneaking over there to get jobs? And if so, have they built a large wall to keep out foreigners?”

Osnos replies that China has 1.3 billion people and that they don’t need more Americans running around. As an American running around in China I say Osnos is probably right, but that’s not going stop me! Watch the rest of the interview here.


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