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Life in a UNESCO Gastronomical City

For being a food/travel/life-in-Chengdu blog, we don’t write about Chinese food that often. Have we become jaded? Disinterested in the bouquet of flavors that are the very namesake of this blog? Probably. Life is hard when you live in a city with an renowned food culture. What’s a girl to do but stay home and bake bread?

It’s ridiculous I know, but we’ve found renewed motivation to continue devouring Sichuan cuisine in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal on Friday. We got our hands on the article as our good friend, Mr. Gregson, was interviewed about his experience in a Sichuan cooking school here in Chengdu.

Reading the article not only did we feel very proud of our not-so little, very foggy metropolis but we also felt a bit of guilt that we had cut back on our exploration of the little mom and pop fandians that dot the streets and give Sichuan food such a varied and personalized home-style touch.

Food in Sichuan, and Chengdu especially, is not a stranger to Western media. Just this fall the New York Times ran a similar article featuring one of our favorite restaurants, Yang Yangs. British chef Fuchsia Dunlop and foodies/our favorite bloggers of Eating Asia, Robyn Eckhardt and David Hagerman, have a soft spot for Chengdu and its food and have dedicated a decent piece of their lives to this cuisine. Especially since becoming a UNESCO gastronomical city in March 2010, joining the ranks of Popayan, Colombia and Ostersund, Sweden, much focus has been given to the preservation, artful construction and exportation of authentic Sichuanese food to cities outside of China.

And so, with new determination, we forage on through the world of ma and la, and hopefully, along the way, we’ll share a little bit more of it with you.


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