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Korean Night at Utopia

We’re dieting. Well kind of. We’re adding more vegetables and fish to our diet and trying to limit sugars and alcohol. We’re trying to cook more food at home in order to escape the fatty oils of Sichuan cuisine. South Africa was great, but our waistlines show it.

We’ve cooked a lot this week. Runner-up with most notable weekday meal was on Tuesday when we had rosemary cauliflower whole wheat penne pasta with chicken. But the winner this week was Wednesday night when we tried our hand at dolsot bipimbap with bulgogi.

Dolsot bipimbap, 돌솥 비빔밥 (which translates to hot stone mixed meal), is a Korean dish made with rice, vegetables (also known as namul), egg, meat and chili sauce (gochujang). It is prepared in a hot stone pot allowing the rice on the bottom to become very crispy and a raw egg to act like glue as it cooks instantly when put in the mixture.

Bulgogi is a marinated grilled meat, usually beef. It is often folded in a lettuce leaf with raw garlic and sauce for a delicious taco Korean-style (and on a side tangent have you heard of this?!?!).

Since we are in fact on a health kick I originally started using this recipe from Women’s health and we mostly used it but we adapted most of the bulgogi recipe from Food Network’s take. We finally got around to christening our dolsots that Phil brought back from Korea in 2008 when visiting his brother who was working there at the time. What took us so long? Phil says he, “wanted them to mature.” Riiiiight.

The dolsots were pretty easy to use as you dump the prepared rice, vegetables and meat (in that order) in the bowl and put it directly on the gas stove top till you hear the ingredients sizzling. It took us a while to get around to making this dish, but at least we can now justify hauling them to wherever we go next because we actually know how to use them.

Look on for pictures, I can’t I drool too much.


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