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South Africa – Day 2 through Christmas

I think we might have been a bit delusional thinking that we would have the time and internet access to post about our trip daily but to sum it all up, it has been fantastic so far!! We just got back tonight from a wonderful four day three night “car safari” to Kruger National Park.

Highlights of the trip so far have been:

  • Werner’s parents brai-ing (South African style barbecue, the national sport) amazing food including borewors (South African sausage), lamb chops, rashers (thick cut marinated bacon), and pork sosatie (South African kebabs). Often with a fantastic view of something, be it the park or a panoramic of Pretoria. We may become vegetarians when we return.

  • Spotting the “big five” at Kruger National Park: a lion, a leopard, plenty of white rhinos, lots of elephants and many buffalo.

  • Our discovery of biltong, a jerky made from a variety of game. Our favorite so far is Springbok and beef (Phil likes them all, Werner insists that most of them are baboon). Do you sense a theme in our diets?

  • The apartheid museum in Johannesburg. A very well designed, thought-provoking museum documenting all sides to the apartheid struggle. They get thinking from the start, with tickets that designate you coloured or white, with separate entrances for each ticket.

On this Christmas Day we’d like to wish you the happiest of holidays from South Africa! We’re off for a two-day road trip to Namibia tomorrow morning and then a four day rafting trip down the Orange river. We’ll update from Capetown next!


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