Ashley / Chengdu

And Then There Was Fog

No, my lens isn’t fogged up, Chengdu is. There’s nothing like a nail-bitingly foggy ride to work to get you going on a Monday morning. There was less than 100m of visibility and if you remember from my post on Chinese driving, one likes to have a good amount of warning of the craziness to come.

Image Source Here

Chengdu is located in the Sichuan basin, which means fog like this is pretty common, and in fact, newsworthy. While fog is often code for other things in China, this seems pretty legitimate. We are, after all, surrounded partly by the start of the Tibetan plateau.

Our school is out in the countryside and to get there we take a two lane road that follows alongside a river. As soon as we turned the corner where it stops being hi-tech development zone and starts being countryside we were slammed with heavy mist. It was instant and one of the only times that I was thankful for the Chinese love of honking. We kept our eyes peeled for our colleagues who cycle to work as you could barely see the many motorbikes, san lun ches (tuk tuk like vehicles) and cycles in the right lane.

There’s a reason for the Chinese adage that “in Chengdu, the dogs bark at the sun.” Here’s hoping that it burns off a little and our ride back won’t be as harrowing as our ride here!


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