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Happy Birthday Shamrock

Last night was the eighth anniversary celebration at Shamrock, Chengdu’s best known expat bar.  To commemorate the auspicious date (eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture) Isabel and the team threw an invite only, Moulin Rouge/burlesque themed party. What’s not to like about drawing more attention to our being foreign than walking through the streets of Chengdu dressed like 1920’s American mobsters? To help get into character Ryan and Werner stopped by for a Manhattan, then we all went to Sultans, a Turkish restaurant in town, for a too much food before landing at the bar.

There were a lot of people at the Shamrock, most in costume. In attendance was a combination of drag wearing rugby players, the Wanders soccer team, Panda hashers as well as musicians, pool players and finally, the regulars. The wide range of social circles and organizations present was a tribute to how involved Shamrock is within the local expat community. Working with the Hash I know Shamrock has been very willing to donate time and money to all our events. Their willingness to donate and help organizations around town has created a loyalty and appreciation among Chengdu patrons – which was definitely in show last night.


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