Happy UN Day!

Exhaustion is the only word that can describe how I feel after our school’s first big music performance and UN Day celebration. We had to start somewhere with performing arts and I think we set the bar pretty high, the kids were great!

For those of you not in the know (I wasn’t until I was enlightened in a staff meeting after planning the school’s event for a month and a half), UN Day is a worldwide celebration organized by the United Nations for member nations and their communities. Founded in 1945, it hopes to provide a day to highlight dialogue and debates of issues facing the UN and to promote cultural awareness in hopes to ultimately solve some of the major problems of the the world.

It was the 65th anniversary of the day and at school we celebrated by highlighting our cultural backgrounds and sharing them with the each other. We paraded around with costumes from our “home country,” had a performance of music and dance from around the world (hence my exhaustion), parents hosted “pavilions” for their native countries running activities, serving food and showing students cultural artifacts from different regions, and finally, an international school teacher’s favorite part of the year, we had a feast of foods from around the world. There of course is more to UN Day, which is actually officially celebrated this coming Sunday, so if you’re still interested in reading more, click here.


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