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Telltale Signs of Autumn

in Chengdu, Connecticut and Minnesota!

Phil and I took a incredibly quick ten-day trip back to the motherland last week. We very much enjoyed the company of family and friends. We ate way to much wonderful food and we stocked up on all that is offered by the wonders of American retail. We watched sunrises at the beach and the lake, played dominoes, cribbage and did our best to terrorize three different dogs.

You might be thinking that this is a bit of an odd time for a holiday; we’re not quite at Thanksgiving (unless you’re Canadian), we’re past Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and we just celebrated Mid-Autumn festival in the end of September. This past week was China’s “Golden Week.” A seven-day national holiday created in 2000 following China’s National Day on October 1st. These golden weeks of travel happen twice a year, once in October, once in February for Chinese New Year. Pretty much all of China has at least three paid days of leave, most businesses finagle a prolonged “fake-cation” by messing with the surrounding weekends.

Golden Week is a bit chaotic for traveling domestically within China as everyone in China travels domestically at this time, all 1.3 billion of us. We had been toying with a cheap Chinese camping trip for a while, but then we figured, why not pop over to America, hit up both sides of the family and spend five of the ten days off traveling?

It was worth it, completely worth it.

We were pleasantly surprised to see something that neither of us had seen for a while, especially living in Asia, autumn! The leaves weren’t exactly at their peak and the unseasonal temperatures of 21-25 Celsius forced us to abandon our woolies and left us wishing that we brought our chacos stateside. But autumn was still in the air in all of our favorite ways.

This left Phil and I thinking. When you go beyond leaves falling, how do you know it’s Fall? So here’s our guide to everything autumnal in Chengdu, Connecticut and Minnesota. See if you can guess where each one is from!


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