Ashley / China in the media

You Are What You Breathe?

Image source here.

Yesterday the WSJ China realtime report, along with many other China blogs, published a post about Canadian scientists and NASA’s recent study on global air-particulate pollution. The post, here, shows a detailed map of where the pollution particles exist and are most dense. And, you guessed it, that part of the map is…China!

Eastern China to be exact and the problem is not getting any better as the years go by. Western China, where we’re located, is not completely off the hook as there’s a big red dot over there too, but its hard to tell where it stands in proximity to Chengdu.

As the weather here in Chengdu has snapped, farmers outside of town are starting to burn some of their crops, the fog from the Himalayas has taken up residents in our urban valley and we bid farewell to seeing the sky for the next coming autumn and winter months. To be fair, Chengdu is a foggy city, getting less sun than London because of its geographical position of being surrounded by mountains. Things kind of sink into the cities air and don’t leave until a storm blows it out. Pollution here, I’ve been told is construction based, not factory based, as it is in other cities in the East.

What I do hope though, is that articles and studies like these, coupled with better education on the benefits of clean air and care for the environment, will ultimately improve this situation. Although, judging by the red, we got a long way to go.


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