Ashley / Chengdu

Buddhist Insight Anyone?

Last Thursday Phil and I took my friend Jackie to the Wenshu monastery in the north of Chengdu. This Tang dynasty monastery and temple is one of the few in Chengdu where you can still find people lighting incense and practicing their faith.

After living and traveling around Asia for a while the novelty of such sights wears thin – a temple is a temple, monastery a monastery, and a monk is a monk. It’s still an important to take visitors to though, so I politely walk around the grounds while my snap happy friends soak in the atmosphere. Usually I try to look for something that I haven’t seen before and in this visit we did.

There was food everywhere in this temple, mostly in the form of little piles of rice or millet along railings or ledges (above) or even peanuts stuck into the carvings of the wall (below). Phil and I had never seen that before and were wondering why these offerings were given in such a way. After a couple days of searching on the internet I still have no clue. So I ask you: Is it part of the mid-autumn/full moon celebration? Is it just a Wenshu thing? Is it a Western China thing? If you have any idea let us know!


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