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Happy Weekend…Or Not

Here in China we have lots of great holidays, many of which center around the lunar calendar. The upcoming mid-autumn festival next Wednesday is no exception with its moon gazing, candle burning, lantern and moon cake festivities. Phil and I are both looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing that day.

Here in China though, we never really take a day off (I guess that’s the cost of round the clock progress and development – after all we are taking over the world). As Buddha says,  “To be idle is a short road to death and to be diligent is a way of life.” So to make up the day of moon gazing on Wednesday, businesses, schools and government offices have everyone work one day of a nearby weekend. So I am working. At school. On a Saturday.

It’s pretty miserable to be ripped off from vacation time. It doubly negates the goodness of the holiday in my opinion. It’s sacrilege to trade Saturday for Wednesday. Saturday is so wonderful. Wednesday is just a reminder that you have two more days till Saturday. Sigh.

We get hit with a double whammy of “fake-cations” as National Day and Golden week is the week directly after the mid-autumn holidays. So we’re working more weekends in October. Double sigh.

So to celebrate the ridiculousness of talking about portfolios, assessment and performance appraisal on a day when I should be sleeping, reading, cooking and spending time with Phil, I give you this little gem that I found on PRI’s “The World”…the Red Army singing Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.” Or Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” below.


3 thoughts on “Happy Weekend…Or Not

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