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Chengdu Rabbit

If you come to Chengdu you should make a point of trying barbecued rabbit. Ashley and I frequently dined at one particular restaurant simply because it produced excellent rabbit. Sitting on the roof top, eating rabbit and drinking cold beer was how we spent almost every Thursday night last summer. Despite our frequent visits, it recently (and suddenly) closed its doors, like so many places in Chengdu, and disappeared without a forwarding address. It was a very sad day when the sms went out informing us that we would not be enjoying rooftop rabbit anytime soon (Ashley is still quietly weeping to herself).

Fortunately there is hope! Shortly after I arrived in Chengdu (about a year ago now) a colleague pointed the store below out and told me it was the best rabbit in town. He was right. Hence forth said store will be known as Rabbit Shack!

Rabbit Shack does phenomenal bbq’ed rabbit. There are two options – regular and roof-of-the-mouth-burning-head-exploding-hot. I prefer the hot variety. You can buy whole rabbit or just the rabbit legs or rabbit head (rabbit head bin). For people uncomfortable with the idea of eating Thumper’s noggin know that it is actually a local delicacy. And yes, I have tried it.

While taking pictures I struck up a conversation with the staff at rabbit shack. When I asked how many rabbits the cook up a day I was informed it was somewhere close to 700. Having enjoyed my fair share of their rabbit I think it is well worth the 38.00 RMB a rabbit.


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